NBER Data Library

As part of its mission, the NBER makes available many types of data. Some of the data comes from various government agencies, while other data has been generated by researchers for specific projects or papers.


Their holdings have been broken up into several categories. Their "Macro Data" includes:


  • Official Business Cycle Dates
  • Experimental Coincident, Leading and Recession Indexes
  • Penn-World Tables, Mark 6.1
  • Barro-Lee
  • Occupational Wages around the World
  • Macro History Database
  • Savings, Investment, and Gold in 13 countries (1850-1945)
  • Bank of England Industry Dataset
  • Japanese FILP
  • Social Security Pension Reform in Europe
  • Social Security's Treatment of Postwar Americans
  • Optimal Inflation Targeting Rules

    Their "Industry Data" includes:


  • Manufacturing Industry Productivity Database
  • Public Sector Collective Bargaining Law Data
  • Form 990 data on tax exempt organization

    Their "International Trade Data" includes:


  • U.S. Trade by 1972-SIC category, 1958-1994
  • U.S. Trade by 1987-SIC category, 1989-2001
  • U.S. Imports by TSUSA, HS, SITC, 1972-2001
  • U.S. Exports by TSUSA, HS, SITC, 1972-2001
  • U.S. Tariffs, 1989-2001
  • U.S. Antidumping Database and Links

    Their "Individual Data" includes:


  • Boston Youth Labor (Market) Survey, 1980, 1989
  • Collaborative Perinatal (CPP)
  • Consumer Expenditure Survey Extracts
  • Current Population Survey
  • Union Army Data Set
  • Gould Sample
  • Survey of Income and Program Participation
  • Survey of Program Dynamics
  • Thorndike-Hagen
  • Vital Statistics Births
  • Vital Statistics Deaths
  • Vital Statistics Marriage and Divorce
  • Worker Representation survey
  • Their "Hospital Data" includes:
  • Prospective Payment System (PPS)
  • Reading CMS' Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) datasets using SAS
  • Their "Patent Data" includes
  • U.S. Patents
  • Their "Other Data" includes:
  • School District Databook (SDDB)
  • Tax Model File Documentation
  • Segregation Data
  • State Constitutions Project
  • Reading large datasets into Access or Excel
  • Experience with SAS Portable File Formats
  • Older data formerly at anonymous FTP
  • Links to child health dataset



  • Information: jroth@nber.org



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