Manchester Information & Associated Services (MIMAS)

This site offers a variety of services for U.K. users. In particular, it offers the National Dataset Service that has, or will soon have, many datasets of interest to economists. Datasets for registered users include the IMF's International Finance Statistics (with 24,000 time series from 196 countries), Balance of Payments Statistics (35,000 time series from 160 countries), Direction of Trade Statistics (61,000 time series from 184 countries), and Government Finance Statistics Yearbook (19,000 time series from 145 countries); the 1991 U.K. Census in various forms; the General Household Survey; the National Labour Force Survey; the Family Expenditure Survey; the British Household Panel Study; Office of National Statistics Macro-econ Databank (with 3000 U.K. time series); the OECD's Main Economic Indicators (with more than 2500 time series).

Some of this data is from the ESRC Data Archive at the University of Essex.


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