Elsevier/North-Holland offers several services on the Internet for economists as an adjunct to their paper publishing. The first is an "alert" service on forthcoming publications. "Contents Alert Economics," is a mailing list concerning forthcoming articles in their economic and finance journals. For each forthcoming article, it has the full title, authors, authors' affiliation, key words and JEL codes when available, volume/issue/page numbers, the dates for receipt and acceptance of the forthcoming article, and the publication date of the issue. Contents Alert Economics comes out at approximately weekly intervals. Subscription information is below. A more sophisticated version is "ContentsDirect" (the URLs are below).

The second service, ECONbase, is a searchable database that allows you to search for current information on articles in the 63 Elsevier/North-Holland journals. It contains information on articles published after January 1, 1994, and each year some 2,000 articles are added. At this time, there are 17,000 abstracts in the 63 journals. For each article, ECONbase provides the same information as "Contents Alert Economics."

Another service is information on their Handbooks in Economics Series. This includes the tables of contents, chapter summaries, introductory chapters, and a search facility (which returns the chapter which matches the request).

Their journals are now on-line; access to them through the "Subscribers Section" of each journal. It is available to "for users at institutes with a fully paid subscription to the print journal."

For the Contents Alert Mailing List, send e-mail to , and in the subject line of the message, write "subscribe casecon-c".

For help, send e-mail to , and in the new subject line of the message, write "help".

For comments or questions, send e-mail to , and in the new subject line of the message, write "Message".

The first two URLs below are for ECONbase (the first in the U.S., and the second in Europe). The next three URLs are for ContentsDirect (the first URL is in the U.S. the second is in Europe, and the third is in Japan).



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