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- Ifo Institute, Center of Excellence for Migration and Integration Research (CEMIR); CESifo

Dates:December 14-15, 2012
Description:1st CEMIR conference on International Migration "Competition for Talent and Brain Circulation" - Center of Excellence for Migration and Integration Research
Location:Munich, Germany
Subject:Diverging demographic developments in Europe and in developing countries create a potential for huge mutual gains from migration. At the same time, the immigration of low-skilled workers and emigration of high-skilled workers pose a challenge to the European social model. How can receiving countries ensure that immigrants are net contributors to public finances? How can receiving countries?? welfare state and labor market institutions and immigration policies be improved? To answer these questions, the Ifo Institute has established the Center of Excellence for Migration and Integration Research (CEMIR). It brings together labor economics, public economics, political economics, education economics and globalisation research. This inaugural conference will focus on high-skilled migration, from both receiving and sending countries?? perspectives. Also other contributions on international migration are welcome. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
JEL Code:J


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