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European Association for Banking History (EABH) Czech National Bank; Czech Banking Association

May 15-15, 2015
2015 EABH annual conference - European Association for Banking History
Prague, Czech Republic
This conference focuses on the history of inflation, ranging from the Roman Empire to modern times. Topics: - From a historical perspective, what are the causes and consequences of inflation? What outcomes did different monetary policies and reforms have on inflation? - In whose interest did policy measures work? - What is the actual cost of inflation? The real impact of inflation is that it destroys peoples' lives. What does inflation mean for ordinary citizens? - How did and does inflation change social structures such as work relationships, ownership structures and the distribution of capital and wealth over time? - What is the relationship between inflation, unemployment and growth? - What conclusions can today's decision-makers draw from the historical knowledge of the strong connection between war, sovereign debt and inflation? - How was and is business done in an inflationary environment? What does inflation mean for banking, insurance and the rest of the private sector, respectively? - How did inflation change the business strategies, product design, and asset management of life insurance companies? - How is inflation measured? Should market operations be taken into account? - From a historical perspective, what could the 'big experiment' the US is going through at the moment imply for the future? - What are proper goals for a Central Bank today? [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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