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International Conference on Business & Management Education ICBME

August 19-22, 2013
5th International Conference on Business & Management Education - ICBME 2013
Bangkok, Ramada D'MA Hotel, Thailand
ICBME is intended as a forum for academics and practitioners to meet and discuss the diverse realities of business education around the world. We thus invite interesting submissions on topics such as: the structure and curricula of current and future business programs; the future of business education; business education and poverty reduction; the nature and impact of Western hegemony on business education around the world; assessing the role and function of the business school; the influence of accreditation bodies such as the AACSB; improving education/training for middle and senior managers; problem-based learning and its applications; emotional intelligence in teaching, learning and managing; leadership; the case-study method; learner dynamics; using stories and narrative; the use and abuse of textbooks and Powerpoint; critical approaches to business education; student entrepreneurship; gender and cross-cultural issues in business education; the Internet and learning; spirituality; new technologies and media; using games, role play and simulations; internships; effective mentoring; phenomenological approaches to business education; encouraging creativity and innovation; appraising current assessment methods and standards; the environment and sustainable development; ethics, politics and business education; managerialism and bias in business education. We particularly welcome papers that employ novel or interdisciplinary approaches, perhaps drawing from areas of sociology, economics, psychology, cultural studies, history, gender studies or politics. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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