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Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

March 04-07, 2015
Barcelona GSE Intensive Course on Systemic Risk and Prudential Policy
Barcelona, Barcelona GSE, Spain
The objective of the course is to present state of the frontier research on systemic risk and to illustrate its implications for micro and macro prudential regulation as well as monetary and competition policy. The course will begin with the definition, characterization, measurement and analysis of the determinants and consequences of systemic risk. The main models proposed in the literature will be explained, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Special attention will be devoted to illustrate the practical regulatory policy implications along with the main empirical findings. The course will also cover the empirical quantitative techniques proposed in the literature for the measurement and prediction of systemic risk. The discussion will focus on the logic behind the various methodologies rather than technical aspects, emphasizing the ability to provide useful early warning signals. Moreover, given that the consequences for the aggregate macroeconomy are a crucial part of systemic risk, key interactions between macro and finance are also explained. The last part of the course will provide a critical summary of the prudential regulation initiatives for systemic risk, highlighting the limitations of current microprudential policy, the potential of the new macroprudential approach, and the costs and benefits of the proposed policy measures. One part of the course will be based on the forthcoming MIT Press book by Freixas, Laeven and Peydr?_ on ???Systemic Risk, Crises and Macroprudential Policy.?? [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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