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- European Financial Management & Marketing Association EFMA

Dates:September 24-26, 2012
Description:International Conference & Exhibition "Cash" - European Financial Management & Marketing Association
Location:Paris, Hotel Concorde La Fayette, France
Subject:Recent events have underlined the importance of cash as a refuge, as cash in circulation peaked at the height of the financial crisis. Since then, demand has remained strong and there has been no sign of repatriation of those banknotes. At the same time, the infrastructure of the cash cycle is undergoing formidable change: Central banks have been significantly downsizing their branch networks. In the Eurozone alone, the number of central bank branches has halved since the launch of the euro. - Banknote recirculation policies have led commercial banks to insource their banknote processing at branch level. - New entities are emerging, often in the form of inter-bank utilities for managing wholesale cash. This conference brings together all of the stakeholders involved in the cash cycle: central banks, financial institutions, cash-in-transit companies, retailers and other cash users. It enables them to share best practices and expertise with the aim of improving the overall functioning of the cash cycle. [gem_ den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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