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- Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association APMAA; Center for Accounting Studies, Department of Accounting, and Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies, Xiamen University, China

Dates:November 14-17, 2012
Description:8th APMAA Conference Ś“Management Accounting: The Optimization of Management Control SystemŚ” - Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association
Location:Xiamen, Xiamen University, China
Subject:Topics: 1. Design and implementation of management accounting systems 2. Theory of management control 3. Optimization of management control 4. Optimization of management accounting report systems 5. Optimization of overall budgeting management 6. Risk management and managerial control 7. Internal report system and incentive institutionalization 8. Performance management and managerial control 9. Strategic management control 10. Management accounting research methods 11. Teaching management and cost accounting A PhD Colloquium (on 14 Nov. 2012) will also be held in conjunction with the APMAA 2012 Conference.
JEL Code:G


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