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- European Central Bank (ECB), Fiscal Policies Division

Dates:October 16-16, 2013
Description:ECB Public Finance Workshop: Ś“The political economy of fiscal adjustment in EuropeŚ” -
Location:Frankfurt am Main, ECB, Germany
Subject:Topics: -the challenge of fiscal adjustment in times of high debt, low growth and high unemployment - implications of the financial crisis and the Ś“Great RecessionŚ” for fiscal adjustment - implications of crisis management frameworks for fiscal adjustment - political constraints to the pace and composition of fiscal adjustment (e.g. electoral and interest group pressure) - distributional aspects of fiscal adjustment (across social groups, generations and countries) - fiscal adjustment, bank recapitalisation and structural reforms: complements or substitutes? - EU fiscal governance structures and fiscal adjustment - fiscal adjustment and fiscal union: lessons from the EMU experience
JEL Code:E


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