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Bremer Institut f?_r Produktion und Logistik BIBA; International Federation for Information Processing (ifip) Working Group 5.1 on Global Product Development for the whole Life-Cycle

July 12-14, 2010
7th International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management PLM10
Bremen, BIBA, Germany
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an integrated business approach to the collaborative creation, management and dissemination of engineering data throughout the extended enterprises that create, manufacture and operate engineered products and systems. It is an important approach for the support of these extended enterprises over the whole lifecycle of products and systems from concept to end of life and disposal. PLM involves issues of people, processes, business systems, and information, and presents major opportunities for those involved in the processes and tools used in all aspects of the product lifecycle. The conference programme will give ample opportunity for discussion to give attendees the opportunity to influence the future PLM research and development agenda. We invite PLM researchers, developers and practitioners to join the conference in order to shape the future of this new field and advance the science and practice of enterprise systems development. Contributions are invited on all aspects of PLM, including: - PLM infrastructure and implementation processes - Collaborative product development - Capture, curation and reuse of design information - Business strategies and benefits - Organisational change management and PLM - Cultural change and the implementation of PLM solutions - PLM user requirements and innovative methods to understand customer preferences - PLM virtual and simulation environments - Enterprise systems integration - Interoperability and security issues - Relationship with SCM, SRM, CRM, etc - Supply chain management - Collaboration environments and knowledge management - Product innovation - Item-level and closed-loop PLM - Emerging PLM standards and best practices - PLM metrics and benchmarking - PLM and the environment - PLM educational and training approaches - Sustainable PLM development and related topics [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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