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International Telecommunications Society ITS

June 24-27, 2015
26th European Regional Conference of the International Telecommunications Society
San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Real Centro Universitario Mar?_a Cristina, Spain
Topics: - Regulation ??? its implementation, form and future development - The impact of regulation on operator strategy and investment - Operator strategies ??? consolidation, investment and innovation - The contribution of telecommunications to economic growth and development - The impact of OTT, its regulation and future development - Convergence ??? technological, economic and regulatory - The interaction between content and telecommunication markets ??? development, bundling and convergence - Broadband ??? spectrum and mobile broadband, funding and forms of infrastructure investment - The development and socio-economic impact of mobile applications - Mobile markets ??? national roaming, convergence with fixed, the challenges of mature markets - Overcoming digital divides ??? infrastructure, services and applications - The provision of telecommunication services to marginalised communities - Innovative business models - Demand, consumers, consumer protection and privacy - Innovative new services ??? e-health, m-health, e-education etc. - Online markets ??? the value of personal and location data, children as online actors, - Big data ??? tools and techniques of collecting and analysing large datasets, socio-economic consequences of big data - Net neutrality ??? debates, challenges and future - Internet governance and the control of content and customers [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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