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Association of Business Historians ABH; University of Liverpool Management School

July 03-04, 2009
Association of Business Historians Conference
Liverpool, University of Liverpool Management School, United Kingdom
Programme: Session 1a: The National Business Archives Strategy Session 1b: Institutions, Markets and Politics Session 1c: Industry Structures and Development Session 1d: Municipal Enterprise Session 2a: Liverpool and its Merchant Networks Session 2b: Beatles, Boots and Boats: City Clusters and the Business of Entertainment Session 2c: Cities in Competition: The Geographic Dimensions of American Industrialization, Capital Flight and Boosterism Session 2d: The Evolution of Modern Pharmaceuticals Marketing Session 3a: Geographies of Making, Distributing and Selling Session 3b: The Challenges of Urbanization Session 3c: Creative Cities Session 3d: The Business of Empire Session 4a: Commerce, Culture and Trading Networks in Nineteenth-century Liverpool Session 4b: Weetman Pearson Session 4c: Local Elites and Regional Development Session 4d: Patronage and Philanthropy in Paris and London Session 4e: Corporate Governance: Actors, Firms and Relationships Session 5a: Liverpool and the Atlantic Session 5b: Making/Representing Place Session 5c: Financial Services, Employment, Automation and North-west England Session 5d: British Business Overseas Session 6a: International Business Session 6b: The Arms Industry Session 6c: The City Session 6d: Industrial Welfare [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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