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ASE - Association for Social Economics

Dates:January 5-8, 2006
Deadline:May 2, 2005
Description:2006 Annual Meeting
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
Subject:The subject of the conference is Understanding Living Standards. Possible sessions could include:
  • An evaluation of the work of John A. Ryan and other social economists who address living standards;
  • Improved quantitative and qualitative measures of socioeconomic status and well-being;
  • The role of the public and private sectors in improving living standards; and,
  • Policy proposals to reduce work time, improve earnings, reduce inequality and discrimination, provide food and health security, enrich work life, alleviate underemployment, reconcile work and family, etc.
Notes:This conference is being held in conjunction with the ASSA 2006 Annual Meeting.
JEL Code:I


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