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NBER - National Bureau of Economic Research

Dates:May 10-11, 2013
Deadline:November 1, 2012
Description:2013 NBER Universities' Research Conference
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
Subject:The subject of the conference is "Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy." The Great Recession has brought high levels of long-term unemployment and heightened rates of poverty to the United States. In addition, there has been a long-term trend of increasing inequality, characterized by stagnant incomes in the middle of the income distribution and rising income and wealth concentration at the very top. These developments may have important consequences for household well-being, and they raise new questions about the effects of government policies on households in the lower strata of the income distribution. This conference will highlight the most recent research on a range of issues related to poverty, inequality, and social policy in the United States.
Notes:Electronic submission of papers is via the link on the website.
JEL Code:E


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