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INCS - Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies

Dates:March 14-17, 2013
Deadline:October 1, 2012
Description:2013 INCS Conference
Location:University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
Subject:"'It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.' It was the age of pleasure. It was the age of atonement. It was any place in the nineteenth century. The scope is global, the approaches cross-disciplinary. What pleased the palate and tickled the nose? What roused the senses and deepened joy? What thrilled the body and inspired the mind? What did they do besides work? What diversions (respectable or otherwise) did they seek? How did they think about the enjoyments they sought? These are some of the questions to address at INCS 2013, which is devoted to ‘Leisure, Enjoyment and Fun.'"
Notes:Electronic submission of papers can be sent to Karen Chase (ksc3j@virginia.edu)
JEL Code:B
Sponsor:University of Virginia


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