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- Scottish branch of the Regional Studies Association RSA

Dates:December 13-13, 2012
Description:Workshop "The Changing Role of Inward Investment and Regional Development: The Branch Plant Economy Re-Visited" - Regional Studies Association
Location:Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Subject:Thematic Areas: - Assessments of the current aggregate stocks/flows of FDI within regional economies; - The legacy effects of the branch plant economy on the entrepreneurial and innovation eco-system in peripheral economies; - The process of branch plant upgrading to higher value activities; - The move from production to service activities within branch plants; - Evidence of the Ś‘entrepreneurial subsidiaryŚ’ phenomenon and its impact on subsidiary-parent relationships and host economies; - The role of mergers and acquisition within current inward investment flows; - External acquisition of indigenous companies in peripheral regions and subsequent economic impacts; - The nature of FDI in new high-tech sectors and associated impacts on regional economies; - The changing nature of localised spillovers (suppliers linkages, corporate spin-offs, supplier internationalisation etc) from inward investment and levels of overall corporate embeddedness; - Intra-corporate competition within branch plants for repeat investment and the role of public policy to leverage in-situ investments; - The changing nature of regional incentives and other policy instruments to attract and embed inward investment; - The changing nature of public policy towards inward investment; - Institutional change, political decentralisation and inward investment. [gemŐ_ŐŔ den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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