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Scaling & Governance Investment Program of Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen UR)

November 10-12, 2010
Scaling and Governance Conference 2010 "Towards a New Knowledge for Scale Sensitive Governance of Complex Systems"
Wageningen, Hof van Wageningen, Netherlands
The aim of conference is to discuss different perspectives on scaling and governance issues. The starting point is that scaling and governance deserve more attention as a combination, not just in separate studies. We look at this integration as a major challenge for both the social, economic and the natural sciences. In order to get to transdisciplinarity, that is to say, cooperation between scientists from different disciplines as well as policy makers and citizens, vigorous communication between scientists from the natural science and the humanities is needed. There are two distinct vocabularies: one with regard to scaling and one with regard to governance. With regard to scaling there has been a shift towards including the human factor as integral part of the system, which materialized into theories related to social ecological systems, and new methodologies that emphasized stakeholder participation, transdisciplinarity, and cross-scale interactions. With regard to governance there has been a paradigm shift from thinking in terms of state steering and governmental practices towards the analysis of multi-actor, multi-level and multi-sector governance. Also from economics there is increasing interest in governance and institutional issues. These shifts have a number of commonalities. They acknowledge the growing importance of multi-level interactions; they stress the need for enlarged transdisciplinarity, and address the need for increased stakeholder participation. Conference Themes: Theme 1: Ecosystem Modeling and Scales Theme 2: The Politics of Scale Theme 3: Scaling in Human-Environmental Processes Theme 4: Integrating Scaling and Governance Concepts Theme 5: Towards Scale Sensitive Governance Approaches [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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