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- University of Padua; University of Technology Sydney

Dates:August 29-September 09, 2011
Description:International Summer School: Advances in Discrete Choice Models and Experimental Design for Stated Choice Data in Energy and Environmental Resources
Location:Padua, University of Padua, Italy
Subject:The 2 week workshop covers introductory topics related to choice models, preference heterogeneity and design of Discrete Choice Experiments (DCEs) (Introductory Week) and recent extensions of advanced discrete choice models, Best-Worst Scaling (BWS) and individual-level modelling (Advanced Topics). Hands-on examples allow participants to understand not just conceptual ideas, but also the mechanics of implementing the ideas in practical settings of policy making in energy and environmental resources. The course is intended for researchers and advanced practitioners specially focussing on matters related to policy making in energy and environmental resources. [gem╠_╠┘ den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
JEL Code:Q


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