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Laboratoire Red?ploiement Industriel et Innovation Universit? du Littoral C?te d'Opale -Dunkerque -France
Groupe IGS (Institut de Gestion Sociale), Paris

September 22-25, 2004
Forum the Spirit of Innovation; John Kenneth Galbraith International Symposium
Le Forum Esprit de l'Innovation avec la participation de James Kenneth Galbraith
Paris, France
What is the future of the market economy? The 21st century began with this major issue. What are the current characteristics of capitalism? How can we explain this comeback to the origins? History is stammering, the Economist, the Sociologist, the Politician?? are getting bored. Is the system suffering from a lack of imagination? On the one hand, the marketization of all activities, actions and relations is not sufficient to give birth to new things and items (including marketable ones) ; on the other hand, the rigidity of relations of power, competition and creation puts a brake on innovation. The Forum on innovation aims at being a think tank of new ideas on the economics and the history of technical progress, on the political issues of innovation policies and on the sociology of innovation and enterprise. This conference will address five areas that have characterised J.K. Galbraith's nonconformist economic thought: - Galbraith's anti-establishment approach to political economy - The economic fluctuations of capitalism - Firms and industrial organisation - The regulating institutions of capitalism - Development issues [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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