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European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM); IE University Business School, Segovia

May 19-20, 2011
Segovia, IE University Business School, Spain
This workshop thus provides an interdisciplinary arena in which academics and practitioners from a wide range of subject areas can come together to debate issues of imagining. For instance, some examples where a study of imagining business has or would provide interesting reflections and contributions include (but should by no means be limited to): - the role of images, standards and visual management in the organizing process and how this links to ideas of relational entities and distributed action; - the role of management practices in creating certain visions of organization and strategy; - the role of Information & Communication Technologies in prompting action and accountabilities; - the role of educative and pedagogical discourses in the creation of entrepreneurial mindsets; - different ideas of design with multi-sensory research agendas relating to an ???architecture of the senses?? (e.g. hearing, smell, taste, and touch) and - alternative ways of engaging in the design process; ways of mapping controversies in science, technology and policy making; - the role of images, signs and icons in policy making and governmental decision making; - reflexions on notions of time and space and on practices and techniques for making connections (e.g. the role of media services in creating ???a contact zone?? for diasporas) inspired by geography, urban planning or topology; - visual semiotics and different approaches to visible forms (pictures, videos, objects??_) and alternative regimes of truth (e.g. within scientific, managerial, or medical contexts); - occasions of inclusions and exclusions whereby certain subjects and objects become foregrounded and others appear diluted, assuaged and melt away into darkened spaces (e.g. the potential tyranny of transparency associated with accounting practices in the name of accountability) ; - interdisciplinary approaches to imagining (e.g. the articulation of experiences and issues relating to the diagnosis and treatment of serious illness through artwork and images, with neuroscientists, computer experts and artists working together to create different ways of visualising and articulating the brain and various forms of imagery relating to the mind and cognition) ; [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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