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European Business Ethics Network EBEN; University of Trento, Department of Computer and Management Sciences, Faculty of Economics

September 09-11, 2010
23rd EBEN Annual Conference 2010 "Which Values for Which Organisations" - European Business Ethics Network
Trento, Italy
Topics: - The role of values in economic and business life - Universal ethics and cultural diversity in business - Corporate values and their effective integration in managing organisations - Ethics and accountability instruments - Business ethics and CSR in non profit organisations and in cooperatives - The ethical basis of the stakeholder theory - Business ethics and philosophical basis - Ethical values and social responsibility in SMEs - The role of institutions in rebuilding values in economic life - Reason and functioning of stakeholder dialogue - Best practices in business ethics and CSR - Business ethics and CSR in the public sector - The role of values in an economic crisis - Cross-fertilization between for profit and non profit sector - Ethical strategy and ethical behaviour - Sustainable corporate governance - Values and codes of business conduct - Religions as a source of values for business and leadership - Ethical leadership - Ethics training in organisations - The impact of CSR and ethics on rebuilding trust in the financial and economic system - Teaching business ethics and lifelong education [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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