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- Delhi University

Dates:April 03-04, 2013
Description:First South Asian Historical Materialism Conference "New Cultures of the Left"
Location:New Delhi, Conference Centre, Delhi University, India
Subject:We invite papers or panel proposals under any of the broad themes below: 1) The legacies of Marx (Marxism as a theoretical/philosophical tradition); 2) Perspectives for socialism in the twenty-first century; 3) The Left, religion, caste & cultural politics today; 4) Violence, war and modernity (including papers on fascism, both historical & contemporary); 5) New debates on sexual politics, and Marxism and Feminism; 6) The return of immiseration: workers, work, land and communities; 7) The crisis and finance capital today; 8) Red & Green: an integration of perspectives; 9) Struggles for democracy; 10) Capitalism and contemporary media cultures; 11) Culture on the Left (Literature, art, film); 12) Histories of the Left and Marxism in South Asia and internationally; 13) New developments in Marxist philosophy; 14) The contemporary relevance of Marxs Capital. [gem_ den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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