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Humboldt-Universit?_t zu Berlin, Intitute of Management

September 22-24, 2010
4th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility "CSR-Challenges Around the Globe"
Berlin, Humboldt-Universit?_t zu Berlin, Germany
Special topics: - The Global Recession and CSR - Boon or Bane for the CSR Movement? - The Cultural Foundations of CSR - How to Manage the Difference? - CSR in Africa - Who Governs the CSR Process? - CSR in Asia - What Does CSR in Asia Mean? What is Needed for a Successful Implementation? - Responsible Supply Chain Management in Southeast Asia - Still Racing to the Bottom? - New Forms of (Corporate) Governance - Do We Need a Multi-Stakeholder Approach of Governance? - Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship - How Much Does It Really Matter? - CSR-Measurement and Reporting - You Cannot Manage What You do not Measure?! - CSR and the Consumer - How to Make CSR Tangible for Consumers? - Bottom of the Pyramid Approaches: Silver Bullet or just a Myth? - The Business of Water - New Challenges and Opportunities for Responsible Management? - Business and Human Rights - How Can Companies Incorporate Human Rights Principles Into Their Practice? - Responsible Leadership and People Management - What Does Responsible Leadership Mean in Business Practice? How to Manage an Increasingly Diverse Workforce in Organizations? - Responsible Leadership and Management Education - What Kind of Curricula Do We Need? What is the Responsibility of the Academic Community? [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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