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International Association for Energy Economics IAEE; Swedish Association of Energy Economics SAEE

June 19-23, 2011
34th IAEE International Conference - International Association for Energy Economics
Stockholm, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
The world is facing a strong need for a major transformation of the global energy supply system. One obvious reason for this is the threat of climate change caused by carbon dioxide emissions. Another is the continuing concern for the impact on the environment and human health caused by the use of conventional energy sources. A third factor is the concern for the geopolitical aspects of energy supply. At the same time there is a continuing need for a safe supply of energy, in suitable forms, at a reasonable cost. The 34th IAEE International Conference with the theme Institutions, Efficiency and Evolving Technologies will be held at the Stockholm School of Economics in the very center of Stockholm, Sweden. The conference will bring together a wide spectrum of energy economists, policy makers, and professionals from all parts of the energy sector and representatives of governments and other public institutions. The aim is to address and thoroughly elucidate key issues related to the challenges outlined above. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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