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- Sophia University

Dates:May 28-29, 2010
Description:International seminar "The Charismatic Principle in Economic and Civil Life: History, Theory and Good Practice"
Location:Loppiano (Florence), Sophia University, Italy
Subject:Topics of interest include: - theories on charisms in civil life: what is a charism? How does it work in society? How might one distinguish a charism from a talent? Are charisms given only to Ś“specialŚ” people, are are they also present in ordinary people? Is a charism necessarily associated with religion, or, is it, as we submit, possible to imagine charisms at work within a secular perspective? Are there parallels between von BalthasarŚ’s idea of the charismatic principle and Max WeberŚ’s theory of charismatic power? - historical perspectives of the role of charisms in economic and social history: how have the charisms of noted personalities (e.g., Benedict, Francis, Gandhi) changed economic and social history? What insights might be drawn from Ś“civil charismsŚ” such as the cooperative movement, non-profit organizations, social economy, values-based organizations, etc.? - empirical cases of charisms in economic, civil and social life, both historical and current. [gemŐ_ŐŔ den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
JEL Code:B


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